October 18, 2007

Before coming to New York, I was told by some friends of mine who have lived in the City for years, “You can’t miss the opera at the Lincoln Center!”

So on Thursday, October 11, when I had, by chance, the opportunity to go there, I grabbed the tickets that my coordinator gave me, and I went, with great expectations.

It was a cold, rainy night, I was excited, and as soon as I got off the subway I faced an impressive view; a big fountain standing in the middle of a square, surrounded by three monumental, sumptuous buildings. They welcomed me with opened arms.


I walked into one of them, the NY State Opera House, and, passing through groups of people dressed up for the occasion, I took place at my red-velvet (close to the stage) seat, ready to see Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci.
Inside, the atmosphere was magnificent, and everything was sophisticated and so bright, until, suddenly, the curtains opened and the lights went off: Show Time!
I’m not an expert in theater. Actually, I have seen only a few of them in my life.  To be completely honest, I’m not really into them (usually I think of the Opera as a kind of “old” entertainment, boring, too “cultural” to be considered cool)…But that night, I changed my mind!  Trust me; when I say that both of the Opera’s were spectacular, amazing, and maybe at some points, thrilling – even for me, a 25 year old girl!


There is something more that I’d like to add. For three hours (1 hour and 20 minutes each, separated by the intermission) I felt like I was at home.  Being Italian was really helpful for me because I didn’t need to look at the subtitles screened on the top of the stage, and I could keep my eyes glued the opera, totally focused on the sentimental and dramatic events beautifully displayed.
At the end I was so enthusiast that I stood up and I took part in the huge standing ovation!
My friends were right… The opera at the Lincoln Center is even more than worth seeing!

Maria Teresa Armano (Italy)

Intern @ NYC Pocket & Travel Guides


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