Believe it or not, Ripley’s is now home in Times Square

October 29, 2007


Remember the TV show that had the famous last lines “Believe it or not!” at the end of every episode? If the “The Twilight Zone” is your idea of odd, Ripley’s new “Believe It or Not!®” Odditorium in Times Square will prove to you that the truly strange and obscure are very much real and eye opening. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, after coming out of Ripley’s, you are going to realize you haven’t seen enough… or maybe you’ve seen too much!

In a city that’s filled with odd people, Ripley’s is the oddest attraction in this city and it shouldn’t be missed. I was very fortunate to attend the grand opening of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!® Odditorium in Times Square this past June and I had so much fun. I remember going to visit a Ripley’s in California and without comparison; the one in Times Square, New York is much bigger and way more fun. Sure the champagne and delicious h’ourderves helped to be welcoming, but in all honesty, I much more fixated on the exhibits and interactive displays than who was there. Some of the artifacts, which are exclusive to this particular Ripley’s, are so amazing. From reading stories about the world’s tallest man and the man that lived with just a torso to seeing the most interesting man made objects on display, Ripley’s makes the world we live in seem….unbelievable. Other artifacts like a 3,197-pound meteorite, their largest shrunken heads collection, two-headed calf, six legged cow, an albino giraffe and much much more are also on display at Ripley’s maze of oddities.

What really made my trip so much fun at the Ripley’s Grand Opening was seeing the genuine artifacts. There are some parts of the museum that have stories and videos of people, pets and other odd things that are still out there today. And so some of them came out to the grand opening at Times Square. I got to meet the wolf man from Mexico and talked to him a little bit about Mexico since I had just got back from vacationing in Mexico City. I also met the lizard man, the sword swallower and saw the conjoined twins and the lady with the longest fingernails in the world. Now, I didn’t get to ask her how long her nails were, but it’s long enough to not be able to do anything with your hands. All of these extraordinary people may make other people think they are freaks, but to me, they were the most interesting people to have a conversation with at a party. I could have kept talking to them and I really didn’t want to leave. They are all good people in my book. And I will never forget them.

So now that the grand opening gala is over, no champagne or wine and appetizers to welcome people and no celebrities to converse with, then people must be asking, what exactly is Ripley’s? Well, it’s not a museum and it’s not a science hall or Guinness, and it’s definitely not a circus sideshow where people are displayed in inhumane cages. It is a fun-filled adventure that is waiting for you and your friends and families to experience a part of the world that not many people knew existed or even see what’s unbelievable to be believable. As a matter of fact, a drawing I have from the grand opening is proof of my survival from Ripley’s. I hope you too make it out of their black hole normal and intact. Believe it or not this is something you’ll have to visit and see for yourself.

Funny Drawing
The drawing that proves my survival at Ripley’s Grand Opening.

By Jasmine Bermudez


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