Altar Boyz

November 19, 2007

If you have to go to NYC and see Altar Boyz. Go and let the Boyz save your soul!

The show is about the final night of a Catholic boy band’s tour, and it is a really entertaining concept. As soon as the announcer stated, “The Altar Boyz have arrived,” the crowd went wild as if they were attending a rock concert. The stage was actually set up like a concert hall, complete with a fog machine, a huge neon sign, and a live band in the background. It’s a take-off on boy bands like Nsync and the Backstreet Boys, and it’s a parody of Christian pop singing groups, but no one should be offended here. It’s all innocent fun. The Boyz are on tour to save some souls through precision choreography and sweet tenor voices. What kept the show going was definitely the music (Gary Adler & Michael Patrick Walker) and dancing (Christopher Gattelli). How these boys can dance like that and still sing; is astounding, never a heavy breath is heard.  Seeing a show like this makes me wish I could sing a bit better, and dance a little better too. The show was “great fun” because the “boyz” included the audience throughout the whole show.

They mainly stayed downstage and interacted with the audience since they were recreating a tour. One lucky audience member also got serenaded onstage to “Something About You,” the slow ballad about abstinence. Even though the show poked fun at religion with all the songs having an underlying Christian message, it was still “good-natured.” Religion and faith were never really questioned, but were more like the backdrop and motif of the musical. It is definitely an upbeat, family show that lets the audience decide between what they think is satirical and what they think is true. My family is coming from Korea in a few months and I can’t wait to take them. They will love every single minute! 

By Sae na Park (Korea)

Another Review:

When the curtains of Altar boyz was raised in my country, I really wanted to catch it, but I couldn’t. However, good fortune suddenly came to me last night when I got two tickets for the show that I missed in my country. Furthermore, it’s on Off-Broadway in the Big apple, I didn’t want to miss it for the world!
It is still a smash-hit show since it opened in November 2004, yet, the huge crowd is still astonishing. At 8:00, the show started; quite loudly, and five boys danced, sang, and acted in a funny and gorgeous way for 90 minutes. The audience could do nothing but keep their eyes on them for the whole time.
Actually, I can say it’s not only a musical but also a concert with a minor plot. They make a perfect accord with their nimble voice, danced to music fantastically. Especially, the leader of the group, who has the sweetest voice and the best appearance of all in the band. (It’s just my opinion, though!) The cast of the show has changed recently, but they looked like they were born to be “Altar boyz.” They made witty praises to God and sang funny gospels, but yet produced a meaningful story and show.  I was constantly laughing and wiping tears from my eyes throughout the entire show.
Time passed so quickly that I didn’t even notice that we were already at the end of the show. I was full of positive comments after the show, and now I even regret that I didn’t buy their CD.  I can  proudly say that I am now an Altaholic!

By Kim Hyo Ryeong (Korea)



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