Saigon Grill Review

November 20, 2007

picture-1.pngI can’t believe there’s no article about “Saigon grill”, which is the best Vietnamese restaurant in the city! There are a variety of dishes that suits every taste bud. My favorite dishes in the restaurant are No. 25 and 45, Vietnamese noodle, which is called “Pho bo”, and a dish of small pieces of beef steak with sauce and salad (unfortunately, I can’t remember the dish’s name of No.45). You have two choices for the size of the noodle you’d like, regular and large. I usually go there with my friend, so “One large Pho bo and the beef steak” or “Two regular Pho bos and the steak” was perfect.

There are three condiments on each table. One of them is hot sliced pepper; Jalapeño. I like hot and spicy food very much. For that reason, I am crazy about the Jalapeño! If you are also into spicy food, I’m sure you won’t be able to keep yourself away from it.
The sauce on the steak is sweet and sour. I really wonder how they make it and what ingredients they use. The meats are so soft, that when you put them into your mouth, they melt! It’s no exaggeration to say that I go there from New jersey just to taste the steak.

The mood is comfortable and relaxed. It’s good for not only a couple and friends but a family with children as well. They have many big tables for large groups and also a bar, so you don’t need to make a line to wait if the place is crowded. They have two venues around Uptown and the Union Square area. Their website is unavailable for the moment, but you can still call 212-875-9072.


Kim Hyo Ryeong (Korea) 


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