Die Mommie Die! Another Review

December 3, 2007

December 3rd, 2007

The curtains raised, and there stood a girl wearing a luxurious, green dress sitting on an expensive-looking sofa in an extravagant house. Then, she starts talking about her step mother. As she tells us; her step mother is such a lavish woman, that it sounds like her mother doesn’t care much about her daughter or her family. Actually, her mother lives in a fantasy world and that’s what makes her think that she is the most beautiful princess in that ever lived. It is because of this, that she thinks she can get along with all men around her. Even though she has a rich and powerful husband, he is just a lovely decoration to her, a white elephant if you may, someone that gives her money as much as she needs. She also has a son, whom she can never love enough.
She tries to kill her husband, but her maid stood witness to her killing him. However, he didn’t die, but came back at the end of the scene to punish her. Yes. As you may think, it would be an old-fashioned drama if you followed only the story. However, there’s something more to the story. The character of the mother is actually male, but we would never notice it if someone didn’t say something. He plays the perfect roll as a woman in his performance. I was shocked when I noticed him. The son also gets into the homo-sexual character in the drama, he is not in reality though! He that roll, perfectly. For me, the story doesn’t make me think deeply at all, it’s just a fun play. The director, Charles Busch, is famous and this drama is well-known for a well-made story. However, the entire performance is pure bliss. They make the atmosphere very enthusiastic and the audience can do nothing but focus on them. We were worried about it at first because it’s not a musical, so we thought we wouldn’t understand it, but the result of our new challenge was very successful. Even though someone is a foreigner, they need not be worried about it. It’s just all in good fun, laughter, and good memories.

Monica Kim (Korea)


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