Another “Chicago” review

December 4, 2007

When I went to Broadway to watch certain shows and saw quite empty theater, I had my doubts that the strike was still affecting the shows on Broadway even though they are presently back with a vengeance. However, it wasn’t really on my mind when I got to the theater that was hosting the ever popular musical, “Chicago.” There was a huge crowd, no empty seats, and a storm of applause when a piece of music was finished. I was worried about other shows having small audiences, but after watching “Chicago,” I finally agreed that there are always reasons as to why large groups of people tend to gather in certain places.
After lighting a fine light on the stage, an actress started dancing and whispering slightly under the light, under her breath. My heart also started running wild while they were singing. It’s funny how the beginning of every play/musical can make your heart go: pitter, patter, pitter, patter. Finally, all the performers came up to the stage and danced and danced, like there was no end to life, no end to this show. You can see the love for dancing in their eyes, their love for performing. Every action happened at the same time. They were always together, in perfect unison; never letting the real vision out of sight.
By the middle of the show, I suddenly thought, “hey, they could be some of the top actors in the world and I was watching them!” Just thinking about this fact made my blood run cold, and I couldn’t even hide my feelings, I was so excited. The story is so famous, I don’t think I need to make a subject of it. However, I must say that no one should miss the great stage effects and the wonderful music. Of course, the actors and actresses should not be missed either ☺
For two and half hours, I was not myself. I focused on them so strongly that I was exhausted by the time I left the theater. Now the music is floating in my head and around my ears, I really can’t get it out of my system. No one should doubt that “Chicago” is one of the best show on Broadway, but I want to add my recommendation to the reputation as well and remind people not to miss it when they come to NYC!

By Monica Kim (Korea)


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