Il Corallo Trattoria

December 6, 2007

Il Corallo TrattoriaOne night, some friends and I were having dinner together in a restaurant back in Korea. At that time, I was planning to come to NYC, so I told my friends about my plan. “I’m going to NYC soon.” Then, one of my friends at the table said to me, “I will give you a list of the good restaurants in NYC, and you should go all of the restaurants on the list before you leave; otherwise, I’m through with you!” Even though it was a little scary declaration, I was very happy to receive the list. I have had lots of good exotic tastes from my friend’s list since I arrived here, and now I want to introduce one of the restaurants on the list named “Il Corallo Trattoria”.

My friend strongly recommended the “ Black Taglierini” and a plate of salad for an appetizer when I decided to visit the restaurant. The salad has an interesting mix of arugola, endivia, mesclum, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and sweet onions in an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. I also recommend using the olive oil and balsamic vinegar with the serving of bread instead of butter. It really helps to make the appetizers more vibrant tasting.  The “Green Salad” wasn’t what I expected in a salad, it was much better.  If you are not a salad lover, I still recommend it because of the unique mixes of greens and veggies, not to mention the reasonable price.

Inside Il Corallo TrattoriaThe pasta was a taste of heaven.  I think everyone has had at least one unforgettable dish in his or her lifetime that reflects some specific place or scene in you memory.  For me, this is a dish that would reflect NYC after leaving. It’s made with black squid ink noodles with green peas, sun-dried tomatoes and shrimp in a light creamy tomato sauce.  Every ingredient comes together in this wonderful dish, it felt like the food was dancing in my mouth from the very first bite.  My initial thoughts? Black pasta and tomato sauce should never be combined. However, the result exceeded well beyond my expectations.  I’m thankful that I tried this dish.

Il Corallo Trattoria has good service and meets everyone’s criteria of customer service, but I really didn’t pay too much attention to that; I was too busy eating.  It didn’t matter to me when I had dinner at the restaurant, the environment was so welcoming, I could have stayed there all night.
By Monica Kim (Korea)


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