Max Brenner – for chocoholics!

December 13, 2007

Are you a chocoholic? Unfortunately, it would be the hardest disease to cure in my opinion, but don’t be disappointed. Here’s a solution; go to “Max Brenner” and get some really good chocolate!
“Max Brenner” is just off Union Square, on 14th street and Broadway. The first time I went there, I was disappointed. I was walking around Soho with my friend who loves chocolate so much, but just couldn’t pass the chocolate-filled shop. After much persuasion from my friend, I stepped into the shop. Upon seeing some of the price tags on the chocolates; I thought it was way too expensive, so I stepped right out. To me, it was just chocolate. However, I know to many; it’s NOT just chocolate.

The second time I visited, I didn’t even notice that we were in the “chocolate factory” on 14th street. Why didn’t I notice? Here’s the reason; it’s a unique combination of restaurant and chocolate shop; which I missed the last time because I was too engrossed with high priced chocolates. The first impression was good and comfortable, or should I say the second impression? It was little noisy, but not enough to disturb the riveting conversation I was having with my friend. Personally, I’d rather that kind of hustle and bustle. It shows me that the restaurant is a busy one, which in turn means the food is good. Since we had already had dinner, we ordered a Chocolate Fondue set. To my surprise, when they approached with the fondue set, it was this huge dessert! (In the end, we ate it all and even cleaned the dish.) When the fondue is ordered, you have three choices, chocolate; two out of three among Black, Milk or White. We chose black and white with caramel, and it is served with strawberries, marshmellows and bananas. Doesn’t it sound yummy? They’re known as the best combinations to be paired with chocolate. (When we saw those condiments with chocolate, we were screaming, we were so excited!)

If you are from an Asian culture and go there with only one of your friend, you would be worried about being tired of chocolate, much less eating the entire fondue by yourselves. However, we were not worried at all.  As I said before, we completely devoured the entire thing!
They don’t have a lot of lights, but use candles for lighting in the restaurant, which sets a very romantic mood. For that reason, many couples come here just for a light meal or a light dessert, or perhaps to set the mood for something extra special. However, it’s also very active and energetic, never missing a beat in the downtown area. In addition, there are pipes filled with chocolate running throughout the entire establishment. For that reason, I think children will definitely like Max Brenner because it’s kind of like, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!” Actually, I would like to add, “who doesn’t like chocolate? 🙂 ” Of course, they do not sell only chocolate; but many other dishes such as French toast, pancakes, etc, so you need not be worried about eating only chocolate.

I haven’t tried any of their other dishes, but I am really dying to have a taste because I’ve heard everything else is really good; just as much as the fondue! Why don’t you come into the chocolate world with me? Visit Max Brenner, you won’t regret it.

Monica Kim (Korea)


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