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December 21, 2007

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Disney Loves NY

It’s that time of year again when all the tourists come to NYC to see some of the famous shows and decorations we have to offer for the holidays. This year seems to be the most tourist flocking season yet as everyone crowds around popular areas so tight that the locals are moving only an inch per minute. However, there are so many things in this city that’s worth seeing and should not be missed. So here are just some of the highlights of the holiday spirit that shines throughout the city.

Skating at The PondBryant Park has just about everything. Feel free to shop at the quaint holiday village, dine at an indoor/outdoor restaurant that provides outdoor heating lamps, take pictures of their grand Christmas tree and ice skate at The Pond right by the tree and restaurant with the Empire State Building overlooking the park. Admission to the ice skating rink is free. To rent skates is about $7 and an extra $3 for a lock for the lockers. This is the one area where people can spend their whole day in the heart of NYC.

Grand Central Terminal light showAlso, within the area you should visit is Grand Central Station. They also have their holiday market, perfect for holiday shopping on the go. The food courts below the main station have a variety of cultural foods ranging from American to Indian, from fast food to sit in, along side with newsstands, bakery and much more. But around this time of year, people come racing to grand central for two reasons: 1) to take the train home to see their families for the holidays and 2) to see the newest Kaleidoscope show grand central station puts on. Year after year Grand Central Terminal has had laser light shows on the ceiling. But within these last two years, they have expanded the light show from the ceiling to beautiful moving images on the walls all coordinated to holiday music. The show is every half hour from 11am to 9pm and it’s free to the public.

Lord & Taylor Holiday WindowFrom 42nd Street you can either go up or down along 5th Avenue. If you go down along 5th Avenue, you will come across Lord & Taylor on 5th Avenue. That’s a building you can’t miss due to the entire building being lit up with Christmas lights. Once the well-lit building allures you, hop on line to see the elegant Victorian Holiday window display. This year’s window shows the holiday spirit around the world during the Victorian era.

Macy’s Holiday WindowIf you go a little further down, before you know it, you are on 34th Street, a great spot to take pictures of the Empire State Building displaying the colors of the holiday season. You can take the tour and then continue onwards to Macy’s, the department store that set the standards as far as holiday celebrations. View their well-known window displays featuring this year’s theme of Santa’s journey around the world in one night. After that, feel free to shop inside and find numerous sales. As for those that have restless kids, don’t forget to treat them with a visit to Santa land and be able to meet Santa himself. If Macy’s and all of 34th street gets too crowded, journey a little further down to Union Square and their holiday market as well as their farmers market. The crowd intensity is much more subdued and you can still shop for your loved ones with a little bit more peace of mind.

Saks Holiday WindowIf you are traveling uptown along 5th Avenue from 42nd Street, you will be hitting the most popular and famous of all attractions in New York City. Walking along 5th Ave. from 42nd street, there’s not much to see visually until you hit Saks 5th Avenue. There you can view this year’s window display of “Snow People” from a children’s holiday book. Also, Saks is now notoriously known for their LED dancing snowflakes on the building. Go across the street from Saks to best view the snowflakes. Also across the street from Saks 5th Avenue is the famous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. Walk around the promenade to view the lighted angels and a closer look at the new LED lit Christmas tree. You can also take the time out to ice skate around the ice rink under the beautiful tree and right by the golden statue. Also within Rockefeller Center area are tours to the NBC Studios & Store, Top of the Rock and Radio City Music Hall where the Christmas Spectacular show is currently playing.

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday WindowHoliday sights and attractions don’t end there. If you still walk north of 5th avenue, you can still see stores like Cartier, Fendi, Disney and Bergdorf Goodman with their holiday window displays and lights that make 5th Avenue looks like it’s been covered in glittering diamonds. Also along 5th Avenue is the famous UNICEF crystal snowflake that hangs in the middle on the intersection on 57th Street. And on 59th Street on view is the 5th Avenue menorah right by the Plaza Hotel. On the west side of 59th Street is Columbus Circle where there is a holiday market as well as a visit to the Time Warner Building with their stars that light and change color to music. Also a few blocks north of the Time Warner/ Columbus Circle area is Lincoln Center. Currently playing at Lincoln Center is the holiday show “The Nutcracker” ballet as well as many other operas and shows currently playing. Also, Lincoln Center is showcasing their holiday spirit with a beautiful blue Christmas tree right by the fountain with snowflakes and music instrument ornaments on the tree.

Time Warner Building Holiday Stars

Hopefully this will help you on your holiday journey in and around our Christmas town. Maybe all the decorations will help you get more into the holiday spirit if you haven’t been feeling that much into the season. In any case, may every local and tourist have a great Holiday Season and much joy and prosperity to you in the upcoming 2008. Happy Holidays!

5th Ave Snowflake

Nordstrom’s in Manhattan?!

December 11, 2007

According to one of my favorite blogs, The Budget Fashionista, Nordstrom’s is searching for a location to open it’s first store on the island of Manhattan.

All the rumors started to pile up when WWD released this. Would a Park Avenue location be fit? Of course!!!

From all the articles around the blogosphere, it looks like women around NYC are very excited.


14th St Apple Store
Grand Opening – Friday, December 7 at 6:00 p.m.

When the Apple Store, West 14th Street opens this Friday, it’s going to be huge. Literally. With three floors of all things Apple, this will be Manhattan’s largest Apple Store. The top floor will feature a 46-foot Genius Bar. It will also be home to our exciting new Open Labs and Pro Labs – free, in-depth training sessions on professional creative photo, video and music applications.

Come celebrate with us this Friday as we’ll be giving away thousands of limited-edition posters and commemorative T-shirts. You might even win one of several great surprise gifts such as an iMac, a MacBook Pro, or an iPod touch.* Arrive early and be among the first to experience New York City’s best new attraction.

The Apple Store, West 14th Street is located at 401 West 14th Street at 9th Avenue.

The NutcrackerI love watching the New York City Ballet from the fifth ring seats, where you’re actually at the same level as the elaborate ball-shaped chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

It doesn’t sound like an appealing view, but from this lofty vantage point, I can see everything. I can see who really points their feet when in those spectacular arabesques and how those lines and patterns are actually straight when seen from above. I can see the vibrant colors in thier costumes. And most importantly, I’m the one who acknowledges the dance aficionados in the cheap seats with even a glance all the way up at the fifth ring.

It’s somehow amusing to me to watch the Snow Scene, in which realistic looking flurries gently drift onto the stage making the scene look magical. And I continue to marvel at the sure-footedness of the corps de ballet who fit across the stage with speed and confidence, leaving strange little footprints behind as if they were in real snow.

Sugarplum FairyIn the first act of Balanchine’s “Nutcracker”, the well rehearsed children from the School of American Ballet are amazing and always the real stars and they deserve special mention for their passion. Teresa Reichien makes a gracious Sugarplum. Her solo dance, which Balanchine places at the beginning of the second act, leaves a definite impression of a sparkly fairy, with such so intricate footwork, as if she were marking out a delicate, sacred ground for the festivities to take place upon. She presented a fairy with such warmth, and showed she is the queen. I am happy to report that her welcoming smile in the promenade around the stage encompassed the whole theater including the cheap seats. Fairy magic, though, was not just to be found at the feet of the Sugarplum Fairy. As Dewdrop, Megan Fairchild has not only crystalline and piquant technique but also a radiance that made the viewer sigh with satisfaction. Even from above and possibly the most unforgiving angle a dancer could ever been seen at, she looked perfect. And not just perfect, she looked lovely. Also notable were the impressively resilient jumps of Adam Hendrickson in the Tea divertissement, and the ever-courtly partnering of Stephen Hanna as Teresa’s cavalier. They look wonderful together and have the same feeling for the music and the gracious manners that make the pas de deux seem quite regal.

New York City’s The Nutcracker is as much of NY holiday tradition as pumpkin pie and a glittery tree with ornaments. Why don’t you round up your kids, your neighbors and your neighbor’s kids and take them all with you to see The Nutcracker.

By Sae Na Park (Korea)

Il Corallo Trattoria

December 6, 2007

Il Corallo TrattoriaOne night, some friends and I were having dinner together in a restaurant back in Korea. At that time, I was planning to come to NYC, so I told my friends about my plan. “I’m going to NYC soon.” Then, one of my friends at the table said to me, “I will give you a list of the good restaurants in NYC, and you should go all of the restaurants on the list before you leave; otherwise, I’m through with you!” Even though it was a little scary declaration, I was very happy to receive the list. I have had lots of good exotic tastes from my friend’s list since I arrived here, and now I want to introduce one of the restaurants on the list named “Il Corallo Trattoria”.

My friend strongly recommended the “ Black Taglierini” and a plate of salad for an appetizer when I decided to visit the restaurant. The salad has an interesting mix of arugola, endivia, mesclum, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and sweet onions in an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. I also recommend using the olive oil and balsamic vinegar with the serving of bread instead of butter. It really helps to make the appetizers more vibrant tasting.  The “Green Salad” wasn’t what I expected in a salad, it was much better.  If you are not a salad lover, I still recommend it because of the unique mixes of greens and veggies, not to mention the reasonable price.

Inside Il Corallo TrattoriaThe pasta was a taste of heaven.  I think everyone has had at least one unforgettable dish in his or her lifetime that reflects some specific place or scene in you memory.  For me, this is a dish that would reflect NYC after leaving. It’s made with black squid ink noodles with green peas, sun-dried tomatoes and shrimp in a light creamy tomato sauce.  Every ingredient comes together in this wonderful dish, it felt like the food was dancing in my mouth from the very first bite.  My initial thoughts? Black pasta and tomato sauce should never be combined. However, the result exceeded well beyond my expectations.  I’m thankful that I tried this dish.

Il Corallo Trattoria has good service and meets everyone’s criteria of customer service, but I really didn’t pay too much attention to that; I was too busy eating.  It didn’t matter to me when I had dinner at the restaurant, the environment was so welcoming, I could have stayed there all night.
By Monica Kim (Korea)

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