New York- The New York City Public Library is to undergo construction starting immediately. The restoration is said to last three years and will improve the overall look of facade, stairs and plaza. According to the Library officials, the project is expected to be finished by 2011; just in time for its centennial. One of their goals is to make the building more attractive in the nighttime and to restore its original marble white grandeur.

The 50 million restoration has already started and passers-by can actually see some parts of the building already covered in netting and the first set of scaffolding is scheduled for its appearance in February of 2008.

The New York City Public Library dates back to about 100 years ago, when a handful of people came up with a vision. With millions and millions of users, building a library was essential to many native New Yorkers. Surprisingly, it is a privately managed, non-for-profit organization that has been helping New Yorkers learn for many years, not to mention; it is a National Public Landmark. All libraries in the New York City Public Library system is free of charge to all.

Stick around until 2011 to witness a transformation of the New York City Public Library, you won’t be disappointed!


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