Brooklyn; a historic city!

December 19, 2007

Think 1636- can you? Well, that was when the Dutch settled in Brooklyn. They were farmers of course and back then, there was only New York (Manhattan) and Brooklyn. The population of Brooklyn was about 397,000 and growing; fast. It was the fastest growing city in the US at the time.

The Brooklyn bridge; the most majestic suspension bridge ever built, confirms a fascination that people all over the world is just mesmerized by its construction. According to Times online, Walt Whitman visited the near-completed bridge in 1878 and said, “the best, most effective medicine my soul has yet partaken – the grandest physical habitat and surroundings of land and water the globe affords – namely, Manhattan island and Brooklyn, which the future shall join in one city – city of superb democracy, amid superb surroundings.

See it for yourself, take the ‘C’ train to High Street/Brooklyn Bridge. Ascend upon radiance, grace, beauty and style. Now, the Brooklyn Bridge is amongst one of the most noted neighborhoods in New York City. Stop for pizza, or just to take a stroll, you will find that it’s very relaxing, to bask in the beauty of something that is as extraordinary as the Brooklyn Bridge.

Now, the bridge still stands for the same thing it did 200 years ago; the connection between two very prominent cities. Not to mention, that the DUMBO section of Brooklyn (down under the Manhattan bridge overpass) has been named the City’s 90th historic district.

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‘F’ Train Culture

December 18, 2007

Today I took the bus to the train, as usual. It’s part of my morning routine. When I got to the 179th street station, I was sad to discover that there were “switch problems” at 36th street. Now, what exactly does “switch problem” mean?

  • It means that there will be hundreds of people waiting at each stop to get on an already packed train.
  • It means that people will start fighting and pushing and yelling to get to where they want to be.
  • It also means that you will be late to your destination.

I think that trains are a great invention, but I can’t help but feel like the MTA is not trying its hardest. Let’s face it. There are thousands of people that take the trains each day, and to be honest, I have witnessed some awful things on the train; but that is not enough to make me give up. I don’t even think they disinfect the train poles when they are cleaning. Actually, I know they don’t because there are a number of times that the trains pull into the 179th street station and they clean the floors, take the garbage out, but they don’t wipe down the poles or the seats. I have even seen roaches in the ‘F’ train; disgusting. Think of all the germs that are growing, manifesting, multiplying each day and that is why my friends, germ gel is a good thing to carry with you at all times. For $2 each way from millions of people, I think they can afford to at least wipe the poles at least once a day. I can’t say that I have a solution, because I don’t; but sometimes it really gets frustrating.

Leaving your house on time does not mean that you will get to work on time, especially if you are a native New Yorker.


12 Tips when visiting NYC!

December 18, 2007

According to NYC & Company, here are some important things tourists can do while visiting New York City. So, here goes:

  1. Call 311 or 212-NEWYORK for all information about the City.
  2. 5th Ave. divides Manhattan into the east and west side.
  3. When getting directions, always ask for the cross streets, it will help you understand NYC and you will reach your destination faster, with less complexity.
  4. In Manhattan, if you walk 20 blocks north or south, you have walked 1 mile.
  5. If the number on the top of the taxicab is lit, it means the cab is available.
  6. It is customary to tip 15-20% to waitstaff, bartenders and taxi drivers.
  7. MetroCards work on both buses and subways, and transfers between trains and buses(only) are free.
  8. Free wireless internet is available at many public parks.
  9. Many businesses, including pharmacies and delis are opened 24 hours.
  10. If there is a huge green ball on top of the subway station, that means that the station is opened 24 hours.
  11. Looking for subway directions? Just visit for all your subway directions
  12. Have a question about the lovely NYC? Just ask the locals, go to any information/visitor center in and around NYC or call 311.


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